3.5.x Desktop Upgrade to 4.2.x shows APOC compatible version as 3.5.x

Small bug-ish thing:

in the new Desktop, when I take a 3.5.x database, upgrade to 4.2.x, APOC is still installed as 3.5.x. The right column for plugins still shows APOC compatible version as 3.5.x instead of 4.x APOC. Neo4j 4 cant start with APOC 3.x jar in the plugins dir. Complains about missing host in settings. Not a helpful or correct warning. Deleting the 3.5. APOC jar out of the local db plugins dir was the only way to fix this issue.

Thanks for spotting that, can you create an issue on our github for us to track?

Actually found the issue reported in 2019. Just added that its still an issue but the errors in Neo4j 4.x are different now.

Id also suggest to the neo4j core team to check the plugin compatibility early enough to log this error before the app crashes.